Building Your Dream Physique In 30 Days

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It’s no wonder so many women are miserable, overly exhausted from marathon workouts, and starving from constantly trying to eat fewer and fewer calories. Many of us are frustrated, confused, and tired of constantly looking for a simpler solution.

This is where it all changes.

It’s time to pull your (S)hero costume out the back of the closet it, dust it off, and wear it proudly. It’s time you fully embrace the ass-kicking heroine role you know you can play. You’re about to start leading the way for a more positive approach to women’s fitness.

Unfortunately, many women still believe a bodyweight pull-up (let alone several) is something they’ll never do. They think deadlifting a loaded barbell that weighs twice their body weight is not a realistic goal. The limitations you set upon yourself aren’t real. It’s time to tell yourself, “Yes, I can,” instead of “No, I can’t.”

When you harness this mindset, you’ll not only increase your physical strength, but your mental strength as well. The simplest way to start breaking free from the limitations and freeing your inner (S)hero is to let go of your fear and take action. Forget what you know about what women are capable of doing. Ask yourself, “What else can I do?”

Lift heavy barbells and dumbbells. Make progress toward challenging bodyweight exercises. Don’t be afraid to squat away from the Smith machine. Unleash your strength.

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